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Traffic Ticket Defense

If you've been pulled over and cited for a traffic violation, Wooley Law can help you fight the charges. We have extensive experience in handling traffic ticket cases and can work to minimize the impact on your driving record and insurance rates. We promise to fight against the ticket to prevent it from affecting your everyday life.

Black and White Traffic


Excessive Speeding

Reckless Driving

Hit and Run

Failure to Contact the Authorities

Failure to Stop at Stop Sign

Lane Deviation

Turn Signal Offenses

Failure to Yield

Driving without a Seatbelt

Driving without Registration

Driving without Insurance

Driving without a Driver’s License

Driving while Revoked or Suspended

Violations in Wisconsin:

If you receive a traffic ticket in Wisconsin, the specific consequences will depend on the nature of the violation, as well as any prior driving record. Here are some general outcomes you might expect:

  1. Fines: Wisconsin Traffic Tickets typically come with a Fine, the amount of which can vary based on the severity of the violation and whether it's a first offense or a repeat offense.

  2. Points on Your Driving Record: Many traffic violations come with demerit points that are added to your driving record. Accumulating too many points within a certain period can result in license suspension or other penalties.

  3. Impact on Insurance Rates: Getting a traffic ticket can lead to an increase in your auto insurance premiums.

  4. Traffic School: In some cases, the court may offer the option to attend a traffic safety course, also known as traffic school, to reduce the points on your driving record.

  5. Court Appearance: Depending on the violation, you may be required to appear in court. For more serious offenses or if you choose to contest the ticket, a court appearance may be necessary.

  6. License Suspension or Revocation: Certain traffic offenses, particularly those involving alcohol or drugs, reckless driving, or excessive speeding, can result in license suspension or revocation.

It's essential to understand the specific consequences associated with the type of traffic violation you've been cited for. You should carefully review the information provided on the ticket and consider consulting with Wooley Law to explore your options for fighting the ticket or minimizing its impact on your driving record and insurance rates.

How this may affect your Insurance Rates?

Traffic Violations typically affect insurance for 3 years, though certain violations can impact insurance rates even longer.

Insurance companies also assess risk based on various factors, including driving history. A traffic ticket signals to insurers that you may be a riskier driver, which can lead to higher premiums.

Ticketed drivers are likely to see their car insurance costs rise at least $340+ per year. That means one speeding ticket can cost drivers more than $1,000 in insurance penalties alone
In addition to a rate increase, you may also lose out on discounts or incentives offered for being a Good or Safe Driver.

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