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Client Testimonials

A Different Kind of Laywer
“Walter is not like other Lawyers I've dealt with. He listens, asks questions, and actually seems to care about my case.”
Saved My Job 
“I drive for a living. I was facing license suspension from receiving multiple traffic tickets. Attorney Wooley was able to fight my case and reduce the violation to minimal points, avoiding suspension and allowing me to continue to work."
Affordable Represenation
“When I was charged with my first OWI, I thought I would have to pay a fortune for a Lawyer. When I called Wooley Law, I was surprised to find out not only could afford represenation but I was hiring a Lawyer who really knew what he doing. "
Amazing Referral
After receiving a DUI, a friend had told me about Wooley Law as he recently used their services. Attorney Wooley not only provided legal advice but also offered reassurance and support throughout the process. Thanks to his efforts, the charges against me were successfully reduced. I would recommend them to anyone facing similar legal challenges.
Process Was Painless
"I will admit, I was apprehensive hiring an Attorney for my speeding ticket. Typically I just pay them however this was my second one in 6 months. I am so glad I went with Wooley Law. They made the process painless and quickly returned my emails. If I get another ticket, I will have Wooley Law help me again."
Gave Us Reassurance
"My daughter recieved her first Traffic Ticket a few months after getting her lisence. She was really nervous about how it was going to affect her. Attorney Wooley had a long conversation with my daughter to help her understand the process and assured her that he would do everything he could to minimize the concequences. Safe to say he kept his word as her Ticket was reduced to a Parking Ticket. 
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